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A Greeting from the Principal


Maybe you want to be a mother in the future. Or maybe you want to support women who are raising children as you further your career. Or perhaps you would like to experience both.

What are you thinking about right now as a forthcoming high school student? Childcare is strongly linked to every woman, and is also, of course, important to create a society that supports such women.

This year, Hosen Gakuen is celebrating its 93rd anniversary. One of the most important aspects of the school’s tradition is its childcare heritage as Hosen Gakuen is known for its Kindergarten and University of Child Education.

We at Hosen Gakuen have created a culture of childcare in our high school girls’ division. Students are given the opportunity to teach kindergarten classes and take several courses conducted by professors of the Hosen University of Child Education. Students also have many opportunities to learn physical expression, such as in afterschool dance club, choir, and in the form of a musical in class.

I appreciate you visiting our website. Please feel free to visit our school too. Our friendly students will be happy to welcome you.

Haruhide Fuji Principal

Our Education

We engage exclusively in childcare education wherein students aim to become educational professionals such as nursery teachers and kindergarten teachers.

Because the school is located next to Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten and the Hosen University of Child Education, students can go for practical training and learn the latest theories of childcare education.

Students also cultivate a rich appreciation for music and art.

In addition to the Hosen University of Childhood Education, we have established relationships with many universities in the field of childcare and early childhood education, which students can get into with our school’s recommendation.

  • Cooperative education with Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten and the University of Child Education at Hosen Gakuen
  • Piano instruction which takes beginners into consideration too
  • Priority admission to Hosen University of Child Education
First Graders 
  • In class, teachers pay close attention to students and review previous topics studied in junior high school to ensure proper understanding. Students will acquire a solid foundation of academic skills.
  • Students will take Piano lessons and “Children’s Studies I,” a collaborative class with the Hosen University of Child Education.
  • In Physical Expression I, students will create a dance performance for the Sports Festival in May, and then a musical performance for the Hosen Festival in October.
  • Students will practice teaching skills at kindergartens within Nakano.
  • Students will learn how to communicate better with others, learn more about themselves, and think about the qualities and abilities needed to be child care providers.
Second Graders
  • Students develop the ability to think, act morally, and express themselves.
  • Students learn about children through various forms of expression such as singing, sculpting, and dancing.
  • In Physical Expression II, students achieve a higher level of competency by learning how to direct a performance.
  • On a school trip to Finland, students will visit a local kindergarten and practice their skills. Students will be encouraged to reevaluate childcare from a global perspective.
  • In addition to kindergartens, students will also have opportunities to engage in practical training at nursery schools.
Third Graders
  • Students study more deeply in order to form a future path for themselves.
  • In Children’s Studies III, students will begin to prepare for essay writing in earnest, focusing on issues in modern society.
  • Through practical training, students will try to conscientiously apply the culmination of their three years of study.
  • In piano practice, each student will work hard towards the goal of completing the Beyer 106 course before graduation.

Collaboration among our kindergarten, high school and university.

We collaborate with Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten and Hosen University of Child Education, which is located right next to us.


Classes Taught by Professors from the Hosen University of Child Education

Children’s Studies I, II, and III, which professors from the Hosen University of Child Education created for our school in 2019, will be taught once a month.


Practical Training at Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten

2nd and 3rd year students undergo practical training at Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten. Starting with guiding the children to the classroom in the morning, students interact with the children by playing house, playing tag, playing in a sandbox, and having lunch together. Through this practice, they learn about the life of children in kindergarten.


Programs to Enhance Self-Improvement Skills

Physical Expression I&II will teach students how to create a musical performance


The first and second year students will stage a musical at the Hosen Festival. Through acting and singing, students will improve their ability to express themselves and deepen their relationships of trust through cooperation with their peers. In the first year, students mainly learn rhythm and acquire the basics of dancing. In the second year, students are given full-fledged instruction in singing and acting so that they can tackle higher-level works on their own.




In the first year, students begin to learn how to read music notes and sheet music. In the second year, students learn to play the piano while singing along with children; and in the third year, students complete the Beyer 106 textbook. The teachers carefully teach students according to each individual’s level.

School Trip Abroad

All the students will go on a school trip to Finland, where they will visit a local kindergarten. Through interaction with the children, the program allows students to experience the differences between Japan and Finland’s education, which is known as one of the best in the world.

Also, students will have voluntary participation in a New Zealand summer language study program, where they will visit a local kindergarten and elementary school. The Hosen University of Child Education has an overseas training program, and its aim is to nurture global childcare professionals in order to create a more multicultural society.

Essay Writing

Students focus on developing their writing skills. Students will learn how to write beautifully and legibly, and to convey their ideas to others. There are two purposes of tackling essay writing. One is to prepare for the essay writing required for the A.O. and other recommended entrance exams. The other is to prepare for writing contact books and other documents that kindergarten teachers or nursery school teachers regularly draft. Students will be able to write clear and concise messages to parents. They will also study kanji in order to obtain a level 2 or above in the Japan Kanji Aptitude Test.

Practice Training at Kindergarten


There are a total of five practice trainings during the three years of high school. The first is in the fall of the first year at a kindergarten in Nakano city, where students learn to play with children while respecting their individuality. In the second year, students go to Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten in the first semester and to a nearby nursery school in the third semester to experience interacting with children according to their developmental stages. In the first semester of the third year, the students go to Hosen Gakuen Kindergarten again, where they observe how the nursery teachers work and develop their perspectives on teaching, and, in the second semester, they go to a nearby nursery school, where they experience the various differences among schools. There is learning to be gained from practical experience, which will endure in their memory much better than from studying at a desk.


This project, started in 2021, is unique to the Hosen Gakuen Girls’ Division. We will be inviting presenters who are active in pursuing various goals, which they do by multiplying aspects of their lives together: for example, ” x × y = my life.” The best part of this project is that we will not only listen to their stories, but we will also try it out ourselves! This is a joint project for first through third year high school students, and it is a great opportunity for the students to broaden their horizons, learn various things, and think about their future path. Students will meet personalities who they wouldn’t normally meet and will spark new ideas!

After-School Clubs

Dance club has been successful over the last few years, and the following is their introduction:

“Our motto is not just dancing, but dancing to convey our values. Our team name is ReguLu’s. We have participated in the national dance tournament six times (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021). We are also actively participating in other competitions (Japan Dance Competition, DCC, and so on).

In February of 2016, we won the HIPHOP and Senior Division of the DANCE SUPER NATIONALS, a national dance and cheer competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA!

In August of 2019, we were the first high school dance club to represent Japan in the WORLD HIPHOP DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP, a world competition with 50 countries participating.

We were on TV many times as backup dancers, such as during ‘FNS 27 hours TV,’ which was broadcast by the Fuji TV Network in 2019, and ‘Music station,’ which was broadcast by the TV Asahi Corporation in 2021.

Most of us are beginners who started dancing in high school. Beginners are welcome! We aim to be number one!”

Promotion Video

Dance One Project (Joint project with Nippon TV Network Corp)

We danced to “夜に駆ける” (“Into The Night”).


Other After-School Clubs

Sports Music Arts Japanese Culture Academics 
  • Baton
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Kyudo
  • Swimming
  • Popular Music Band
  • Brass Band
  • Fine Arts
  • Calligraphy
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Koto
  • Kendo
  • English-Speaking Society
  • Natural Science Research
  • Social Science
  • Volunteering

Past Achievements

100% of students pass entrance exams upon graduation.

How did they enter those school?

Recommendation for undesignated schools

When students apply to universities that our school doesn’t have a close relationship with, students will use this recommendation from our principal. However, the students are not guaranteed to enter their chosen university.

Recommendation for designated schools

Our school has close relationships with many universities, so they agree to take a certain number of students recommended by our school each year.

Written examination

University will determine success or failure based on the result of written examination taken place in the University on a particular date. 


Applicant Guidelines


If you have any questions, please contact us through the page below.




Sports Festival

Hosen Festival

School Trip Abroad

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